Breaking Up with Busy

Yvonne Tally was doing what she does most mornings—putting on her makeup. She was about to walk out the door to do what she normally does, teach Pilates, wellness and healthy-eating classes to clients desiring a calmer, more fulfilling and longer life. But she didn’t make it out the door. At least not on her […]

True happiness vs temporary pleasure

In recent decades thousands of books and countless articles and research reports have been published exploring the essence of authentic happiness and myths related to it. One such myth is that money brings happiness. In fact, there is no scientific and proven positive correlation between money and happiness; multiple research studies have shown that an […]

Lost in Solitude

In Leave No Trace, isolation bonds a father and daughter—and drives them apart The brokenness of life is almost unbearable in Leave No Trace, a movie inspired by a true story. Will (Ben Foster) and his daughter Tom (Thomasin McKenzie) live in the woods of a large public park near Portland, Ore., hiding from discovery […]